Meet the style mavens behind Total Home Staging

Ariana Janowski and Liliana Baird are the amazing design talents behind Total Home Staging. With an impeccable eye for detail, and distinctive flair, Ari and Lili relish the opportunity to recreate home spaces. Once completed, each home they reimagine features modern arrangements, accentuates sleek lines and entices visitors to sit and enjoy each new space for a while.

Meet Ariana:

Ariana Janowski is a devoted wife, loving mother, design maven and furniture aficionado. For as long as she can remember, Ari has had a passion for colors and fashioning new things. Always creating, as a little girl Ari was a self-taught oil painter who dreamed of becoming an architect.

Later after studying abroad and entering the workforce, Ari enjoyed a thriving corporate career. It was during this chapter that Ari also decorated her own home and in doing so, really began to define her own style. That signature style today encompasses elegant pieces and sophisticated color palates, touches of luxury and equal parts warmth, all to deliver breathtaking results.

Then as a mother, meticulously decorating bedrooms for her three children, and continually moving furniture around to meet the needs of her family, Ari could feel her creative aspirations growing. Ari soon realized she could best combine her passion for beautiful interiors and making a valuable contribution to others, by starting a business of her own.

Partnering with Liliana, a longtime friend with whom she shares an equal love for design, was the perfect combination at precisely the right time. And so, an exciting adventure emerged. Staging now offers Ari a blank canvas to showcase her creativity. But more importantly, it also sets an empowering example for her children, and serves as an uplifting reminder to anyone seeking a change. For Ari, staging shows us that no matter where we are in life, we can always start over, recreate something new, and strive for something better.

Meet Liliana:

Liliana Baird is first and foremost, a child of God, devoted mother, interior fashionista and an all-round lady of style. With a passion for the arts that began as a child, Lili has always been drawn to things of beauty. Her particular affinity for photography, furniture and fashion, have served as wonderful interior inspirations each time Lili has transformed her own homes.

In addition to the invaluable business acumen developed throughout her corporate career, Lili was also honing her designing skills after hours. She clearly had a knack for establishing purposeful, clean and organized arrangements, and her flair for design was evident early on. Mostly through her ability to improve functionality, all while creating an inviting ambiance in any space. So she committed to nurturing and developing those skills over time.

Staging now affords Lili the perfect outlet for her combined passions. She loves helping others, as well as improving interiors, whether through painting and redecorating, re-fashioning reclaimed furniture or finding the perfect pieces to finish a space.

Lili adores staging most, because it is reflective of life. She says that with each new stage or season, we stretch ourselves, we find new solutions, we adapt and we grow. By pulling from her own design experiences, spanning many of life’s seasons, Lili is excited to share her design vision while helping others stage their homes too.

The Total Home Staging Difference

The passion Ari and Lili share for design is evident in each new staging project they deliver. Since launching Total Home Staging, Ari and Lili agree their greatest moments center around two important pillars:

  • the unique designs they create, and
  • the people they meet along the way.

Seeing a client’s joy at a newly staged room reveal is really what drives this duo. After years of experience, both studying and practicing how to breathe new life into a space, Ari and Lili are committed to helping clients exceed their real estate goals, by staging each home to its fullest potential.

Exclusive Furniture Opportunities

For clients looking to buy furnished homes, Ari and Lili can also provide a unique solution. Total Home Staging offers Southwest Florida customers exclusive access to purchase elegant, luxury chic furniture, up to twenty percent less than most retailers, plus everyday free shipping within Southwest Florida. Click here [insert hyperlink] to view Total Home Staging’s latest furniture catalog, or call Ari and Lili for assistance with your next staging project at (239) 989-4961 today!

Ariana and Liliana are each trained in accordance with, and recognized by, the highest of staging industry standards. Both are Accredited Staging Partner (ASP) certified and members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).