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Ariana Janowski

Ariana earned her Marketing & Business Management Degrees, developing a successful executive career with major Fortune 500 companies. Ariana’s background and her appreciation for the creative arts have allowed her to nurture an entrepreneurial career in home staging. With over a decade of real estate exposure within the SWFL market, Ariana has merged her business savviness and artistic talent to transform spaces with elegance, handling multiple projects in homes and children’s bedrooms. Ariana’s expertise has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and abilities to help bring coherence and value to her clients.


Liliana Baird

Liliana developed a career in the Administrative Management field. Her skills, knowledge and business acumen go beyond her multifaceted background in Marketing, Merchandising, Retail Operations, Sales, Recruiting, Real Estate, Mortgage & Customer Service; enabling her to handle a wide variety of situations and problem-solving solutions. Liliana’s natural creative talent, passion for the arts and design style have complimented her work very well allowing to grow in the field of photography and progressively evolving in the home staging industry. Liliana has a keen eye for details, interior decorating and all-things aesthetics.

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They love us.

Thank you so much for staging my house. When I walked in, I couldn't believe what you had done to it. I felt like I was ready to move back in it. You are so creative and talented. I love the work you did. I can see a bright future for both of you!

Yara Agha

Total Home Staging did an amazing job transforming two of my clients homes. They made small rooms look light and bright. Their style is impeccable. Highly recommend their quality and professionalism.

Arthur Janowski

Ariana and Liliana are fantastic, super creative and have exceptional taste. They did an amazing job with my property turning it into a fully design dream house beyond expectations! They are so kind and true professionals, I highly recommend them ¨5 stars!¨

Ludy Casey

We want to thank Ari and Liliana for an absolutely fantastic home staging. They knew exactly what our home needed to have it show in the very best way. Their accessories and touches were brilliant, and I would definitely consult them when decorating a new home. They are so easy to work with and the process was just a pleasure. I recommend sellers to use Total Home Staging if you want your house to really stand out among other houses for sale!!

Marla T.

These young ladies are best categorized as visionaries. Their ability to paint a picture in a home is quite astounding. As we all know in real estate, the one way to sell a home is to show what the home would like for a buyer. These ladies nail it every time. And if their professional abilities wasn't a selling point, their love for the community is immense. They believe in building the community the correct way, by giving their time to different organizations as well as be there for their business partners. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home staging company.

Cid Fernández

These lovely ladies are sharp with beautiful and fine taste! If your looking for someone professionals, call them today!

Henry Albarracin

Great results! This is the company we use for our 230+ Real estate agents to stage their listings in SWFL. Highly recommended 👍

Ernesto Rijavec

Total Home Staging is amazing! Every room they touch ends up oozing with style, from floor to ceiling! Their attention to detail is outstanding, and it shows. The luxurious and polished spaces Ariana and Liliana create, are so clean and inviting that they simply leave you wanting to linger.

Kara K.

Wonderful company!!! I highly recommend Total Home Staging! You will not be disappointed!

L Carter


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